In this Tafseer, we will hold on to the following scholarly methodology which is employed by all Tafseer books:

Firstly: Interpreting the Holy Qur’an via the Qur’an.

Secondly: Interpreting the Holy Qur’an via the sayings, actions, behaviour and life of the Prophet r.

Thirdly: Interpreting the Holy Qur’an via the principles of interpretation observed by the great Mufassirin or Scholars of Tafseer.

Although we will not stray from the scholarly methodology that we have employed, we will also observe that which suits this age in accordance to the scientific standards. This is because, the Holy Qur’an contains verses concerning science and creation, verses connected to the laws of worship, verses concerning Akhlaq (morals) and also verses containing Qur’anic stories. We will talk about the importance of all these topics when the time comes.

However, a question might arise:

‘Why was the Qur’an sent in the form of “Ayaat” which means ‘verses’?

Why are they called the clear verses?

Why are these miracles named the clear verses?