الآية رقم (26) - إِنَّ فِي ذَلِكَ لَعِبْرَةً لِّمَن يَخْشَى

(26) - (Indeed in that is a lesson for whoever would fear [ Allah ]. (26))

Hence, these great concise sentences which diffuse light and lessons were mentioned so that humanity could take lessons from them.

Next, Allah moves on to mention the signs in the universe. This is a proof that there is no disconnection in the Holy Qur’an, because when you find verses which insert stories or a different topic, we know that there is an intended purpose.

However, The Qur’an is not a story to be entertained with or a dialogue between human beings, actually, it contains creed and faith. Verily, it is the Speech of the God of all mankind.

This is why you find that the Holy Qur’an differs totally from all other books and no human being will be able to cut off a phrase and insert another in place of it nor will he be able to put in obscure phrases such as:

 ﴾ كهيعص﴿

(Kaf- Ha-Ya-‘Ain-Sad.) (Maryam: 1)

Since these separated letters are secrets of Allah (swt).

So, who would be able to write and then say, “I have written, so read, with the secrets of Allah!”? This is the Holy Qur’an.