الآية رقم (20) - ثُمَّ السَّبِيلَ يَسَّرَهُ

(20) - Then, He eased the way (20)

This is another one of the blessings that Allah (swt) has bestowed the human being with after the blessing of creating him from nonbeing.

After his God (swt) had created him from a sperm-drop, He did not leave him without any purpose. Rather, He (swt) had eased the way for him to live in the abundance of the world with what He (swt) had provided for him of the elements of life, from His Guardianship, Exalted is He.

Allah (swt) did not say: ‘Then He eases his way’.

There is a big difference between the two expressions.

The word “way” here refers to the way in general. Hence, it includes both the way of good and the way of evil. Therefore, the human being is given ease towards both ways. He is created suitable for both goodness and evil. Therefore, Allah (swt) has given him the intellect in order for him to use it to differentiate between these two ways and weigh the available choices. Thus, the tongue which says ‘There is no God but Allah’ would also be given ease – Allah forbid- to say ‘There is no god’. According to this meaning, the Prophet (saws) said:

“Carry on doing good deeds. For every person will find it easy to do such deeds for which he has been created”

So, no one has the reason after this to go against the path of Allah (swt), as Allah (swt) has made the path easy for you.

However, if Allah (swt) had said: “He eases his way”, it would have meant that every one of us has his own personal way. Thus, if he commits evil, he could easily say: “This is my way that Allah has made easy for me.”

In summary, we are given ease to perform all deeds and are given a choice regarding them. We have complete freedom to do something or to not do it. Thus, here lies the cornerstone of accountability. From this verse, the man has to know that Allah (swt) has made easy for him both the way of good and the way of evil and has commanded him to walk in the path of good. Accordingly, Allah (swt) will put His Creations to account for their choices.